Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer's half-way over?

It probably seems irrational, but I feel like today marks the halfway point of summer. To me, summer means June-July-August. Therefore, halfway through July is halfway through summer.

Grendel didn't even finish up with school until the third week in June. Then again, he starts back before August is over. For those of us with children, the definition of 'summer' is the warmest part of the year where our kids are not required to be in school So, at the most optimistic the mid-way point for the school-year version of summer is in a week from today.

I guess what I'm saying is that I really don't want summer to end this year. Last winter was hard in a lot of ways (weather-wise and work-wise, as well as family dynamics). Plus, I've set myself a personal goal for professional development that I'm under-inspired to pursue.

I really REALLY need to take the exam for the CISSP at the end of September. It's an arduous test. If I want to move to the next stage of my career, I need to get the certification. However, I've never been overly fond of certifications. Plus, I really feel like I need some down time this summer. And, I don't want to try to study for the test while I'm actively involved in school, which starts back up in mid-September (and won't really be done again until June 2009).

I want to read fluff books! I want to watch stupid movies. I want to continue to organize my house. I do NOT feel like studying the ten domains of the CISSP. ... Oh, bother.

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