Saturday, July 05, 2008

Vacations are never long enough

We arrived home today after our six-day vacation. On Sunday, we deposited Grendel in Rhode Island with Goblin's family. We ourselves continued on to Mystic, CT, for forty-eight hours of 'adult time'.

In Mystic, we checked into our hotel, relaxed for a bit, and then went to dinner at the hotel-affiliated Ground Round restaurant. The most intriguing aspect of our vacation was this dinner. We were seated in a booth in the bar, away from the families with small children in the main restaurant. Seconds later, someone from the next booth came over after recognizing Goblin. It turned out that several martial arts friends of his were in Mystic for a wooden boat show. Very strange coincidence, indeed.

The next day, we went into Mystic and did some tourist stuff, including having a quaint lunch at the Little Kitchen. Afterwards, we returned to the hotel for a swim and a nap. Then we headed over to Mohegan Sun for a little gambling and oogling. We only dropped about $100. It was an amusing adventure though. What a spectacle!

On Tuesday, we headed back to Rhode Island to commune with family. We spent the next several days doing a lot of nothing. Our son, and the grandparents, are seriously into tennis; so, we were witness to a great deal of Wimbeldon (Go Venus!).

The house that Goblin's parents rented was on the water and had a lovely view. Sadly, since they were used to Texas heat they were not as uncomfortable with the mugginess of the weather, so we didn't turn the air conditioning on. The first night we barely slept. We ended up buying some fans for our room the next day, which did help, but it was still extremely soupy the entire visit.

On Wednesday evening, we ventured out to see Will Smith's new movie: "Hancock". It was an amusing divergent flick. Nothing stunning or truly original, mind you. But, a worthwhile vacation encounter.

On Friday night, we had the best seats in the state for fireworks. Several households, on the water, put on pretty glorious fireworks shows. Plus, we could see the commercial-grade show over at Fall River (MA) from a distance. We watched the festivities from the comfort of a screened in porch. I can't imagine doing it any other way from now on!

I have tons of pictures, but the following is a mystery I'd like help solving. We encountered this flock of birds near where we were staying in Warren, RI. They kind of look like a cross between turkeys and pheasants. Any idea what they are?

We will be Grendel-free until 7/31, and then only for a day or so. He has a camping trip here in NH. Afterwards, he will return to RI for three more weeks. Hopefully, the rest of the family will not be tired of him by that point. And, who knows, maybe we'll all get along better after the extended break from one another.

While Grendel is gone, I plan on doing a lot of little projects around the house. And, generally enjoying my freedom to be a poor example (irregular meal times, bed times, and general sloth). I'm sure he'll enjoy lax rules under the reign of his grandparents. Though they said that they plan to maintain a certain level of structure while he's there. ...right...

I need to get back to enjoying our kitties. We did miss them a great deal while we were away.


Summer said...

I'm pretty sure that the birds are guinea hens. I don't know if they're wild or domesticated birds. You vacation sounds great. Wish I was going on one this summer.

Anonymous said...