Saturday, July 12, 2008

More vacation pictures

Here's me considering the thrill of using the shipboard facilities on one of the historic ships we saw in Mystic, CT:

Here's Goblin as we're about to enter the shipcarvings' building in Mystic. It was our favorite exhibit. Notice the cool cat carving on the side of the building. We were not allowed to take photos inside, or I'd have taken tons:

Here is the restaurant in Mystic where we ate lunch. The trip to Mystic was inspired in large part by a review I heard of this place. The clear broth chowder was fantastic!

When we got back to RI from CT, we found our fifteen year old son passed out on the porch of his grandparents rented house. Wonder how a teenage could be so exhausted in the middle of the afternoon, especially one on ADD medication (basically: amphetamines):

No, he did not drink the beverage next to him, but it does make for an incriminating photo, no?

Here are three generations of D-family males collaborating over grilled meat products.

And here's an awesome photo of some of the great fireworks we saw on the 4th (courtesy of my father-in-law's intrepid attempts to capture the show):

My next lengthy vacation probably won't be until next April, at least not one that involves traveling. I may take a few extended weekends where I don't go anywhere. C'est la vie! (Appropriate phraseology considering that the April trip will involve Paris.)

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Summer said...

Great photos! I enjoy seeinng the people of whose blogs I read. I would have had the exact look on my face if confronted with that kind of bathroom. Yuk.