Thursday, November 05, 2009

Another extension on unemployment ... please???

Looks like the Senate has voted to extend unemployment benefits another 14 weeks beyond the end of the year. New Hampshire's jobless rate (7.2%) means we won't qualify for the 20 week extension (available for states w/8.5% or higher). But, hey, we'll take the 14 weeks.

Hubby is in school full time now, chasing a career as an LPN. He works part time as an LNA. He could work full time and go to school full time. However, it's hard to juggle shifts around the school schedule. Even so, there are few full time positions for LNA's. Most are per diem jobs, like his.

Unemployment is just a bit more than what he makes part time. So, most weeks he gets a pay check and an unemployment check. While neither is much, we'll definitely feel the bite come April when the benefits run out... Unless, they extend the benefits yet again. We're already in record-setting territory on extensions to benefits at this point. I guess we've exceeded all down turns now except for The Great Depression, huh?

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