Monday, November 30, 2009

We're all Droopy Dog

Do you remember the cartoon Droopy Dog? His infamous tag line was, "That makes me mad."

The January 2010 Consumer Reports featured a short piece on "Top gripes: What bugs America most." Here are were the top gripes of those surveyed:

  1. Hidden fees
  2. Not getting a human on the phone
  3. Tailgating
  4. Cell-phone use by drivers(1)
  5. Incomprehensible bills
  6. Dog poop
  7. Unreliable Internet service
  8. Discourteous cell-phone use(2)
  9. Waiting for repair people(5)
  10. Spam
  11. Shrunken products
  12. Very slow drivers(4)
  13. Unreliable cell-phone service
  14. Traffic jams(3)

The numbers after a few are my biggest peeves on the list.

Thank you for joining me this NaBloPoMo. It's been fun, but I'm glad it's over. I can now go back to my irregular posting. I hope to post a few times a week, but it may just be weekends again. I do plan to keep up the musical accompaniment.

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Monkeys in Paris said...

I have to say for me and I think for T that dog poop is just about number one on our list. T stepped in it big time last night and his shoes are now stinking up the whole apartment complex. (His shoes are left outside of course). You can't walk ANYWHERE here without dodging the stinky stuff. I despise it but take comfort in the fact that A has picked up the innate ability to not look and dodge it at the same time. (Must be a French thing)