Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Saving the world from zombies, as a pink fuzzy bunny?

Several decades ago, the "choose your own adventure" book was all the rage. The path of the story was decided by the choices you made. It was kind of the Monty Hall of literature. Choose to go up the stairs and your attacked by a three headed monster. Choose to go through a door instead and you happen upon a chest of gold.

I was never really into those books. However, this one has sparked my curiosity sufficiently that I may just have to order Zombocalypse Now from Amazon:

You're a stuffed bunny, and it's the end of the world. Between you and your objective are forty or fifty ­zombies gorging ­themselves on the flesh of the living. If you disguise yourself as one of them and try to sneak past the feeding frenzy, turn to page 183.If you grab a tire iron, flip out and get medieval on their undead asses, turn to page 11. Zombocalypse Now is a comedy/horror ­reimagining of the choose-your-own-ending books you grew up with. You'll be confronted with undead hordes, ­internet ­dating, improper police procedure, and the very real ­danger that you'll lose your grip on reality and wind up stark raving mad. The zombie apocalypse has never been this much fun.

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