Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Saturday?

We had an extra six teen males at our house over night. Most of them were up until 0430. I got up around 0830 and tried to stay somewhat quiet. There was a very animated wind storm going on outside. Around 1030 the power went out. We have multiple UPS devices throughout our house, including in the living room where the guest teens were sprawled. They were all (more or less) awake within fifteen minutes.

The power came back on at exactly noon! So, I only have to make the clocks stop flashing. They all have the correct time. Seems like a conspiracy to me. Maybe someone at the power company thought it would be a little gift to help people correct the time on all their digital clocks?

Hubby did a little Black Friday holiday shopping yesterday, for me. He told me what he bought me when he came home so that I could go pick up an extended warranty on my new digital SLR camera. He got me a Sony, which was the least expensive DSLR that Best Buy had. At first I was squeamish about getting such a pricey gift considering our current financial circumstances. Then I started warming up to it, since I love photography. And then I decided that I would prefer the slightly pricier entry-level Cannon DLSR. We're probably going to go exchange my 'gift' shortly. Should be 'fun'.

Welcome to Black Saturday.

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