Sunday, November 22, 2009

Odd family bonding time

My family has slowly been finishing the basement so that my son can move down there and I can take over his room as an office/craft room. This morning Grendel and Goblin were staining some paneling while I rode my exercise bike. We were all in the same space, which is kind of odd for us. Even our younger cat hung out down there with us. I was having such a nice time with them that I stayed on the bike an extra twenty six minutes.

Since Goblin wanted musical accompaniment while he worked, and I'm used to listening to music while I work out downstairs, I hooked up my iPod to my little iPod boombox. We played it on shuffle, and I kept the right to skip songs that just weren't fitting with my workout. That being said, we had an interesting mix of songs particularly considering that the audience was two late 40's parents and a 16 year old. Some families might not have considered the resulting mix totally family-appropriate.

The first song that I noticed that might not have flown in just every household was the Geto Boys' It's Good to be a Gangsta. Check out the lyrics link and you'll see what I mean.

The next song that might have raised an eyebrow or two was Crystal Methods' Name of the Game. For an electronic song, there are a good deal of lyrics. While the song has been used in a commercial or two, the original version is not G-rated. Check out the lyrics link.

While the lyrics on those two songs were bad enough, Goblin misheard the lyrices of one song and had to ask me if he heard it right. "Did he just say 'I want to do you from behind'?" No, no, no. The song is Leave You Far Behind by Lunatic Calm. Grendel agreed that it did sound like Goblin's interpretation was correct.

This is not a new sharing experience. When Grendel was a preschooler, Goblin drove him to daycare a great deal of the time. Sometimes they listened to kid music, sometimes they listened to grown-up tunes. One day, when the three of us were driving around town we were listening to a Third Eye Blind album. Grendel started singling along to Semi-charmed life. After he sang "She comes round and she goes down on me" I looked at Goblin and said that he couldn't listen to that album in the car with Grendel any more. The last thing I wanted was a call from his daycare teacher expressing her dismay at Grendel's musical repertoire.

So, yeah, that's how we spend quality family time.

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