Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is about alot of things: food, family, parades, football, the beginning of the 'holiday season', and the day before Black Friday (see tomorrow's post). Enjoy the day and take time to remember at least one thing you have to be thankful for.

History of Thanksgiving in the U.S.

Turkey History and Lore

If you're looking for a surprisingly good Thanksgiving movie, check out Dan in Real Life. I'm not a huge Steve Carell fan, so that's saying something. John Mahoney and Diane Wiest are charming as his well-meaning parents, as he struggles to hide the fact that he's fallen in love with his brother (Dan Cook)'s new girlfriend (Juliette Binoche) after years in misery as a widower. Carrel ends up sitting at the kids table to avoid his discomfort during the big dinner. He also loses his driver's license after several stops for speeding during his mesmerization. Highly recommended!

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