Friday, November 13, 2009

The Book of Genesis meets Fritz the Cat

In the 1960's R. Crumb created the cutting edge x-rated comic Fritz the Cat.

After more than four decades building a subversive reputation, Crumb has entered new territory that seems to ideally match his talents by illustrating The Book of Genesis. Remember folks, the Old Testament is full of lust, incest, rape, knowing and begotting.

The cover of the book carries the warning "ADULT SUPERVISION RECOMMENDED FOR MINORS." If you consider the substance of most Biblical tales, you may wonder why straight up print editions don't carry that warning as well.

So, I gotta wonder how the Fundies will feel if they find their teenagers slobbering over this particular tome.

The best musical selection for this post would be Tom Lehrer's "Smut". Sadly, I couldn't find it or Leave it to YouTube!

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Monkeys in Paris said...

Wow. Nix fur kinder indeed.