Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Better late than never? Part 1: The uglies

I haven't posted in a few days because I couldn't come up with anything positive to write about. After my last post I thought it would seem hypocritical to whine and moan. Unfortunately, that's where I still am.

I gained a pound this week. First time since I started the diet. I know exactly why, and I know I'll bounce back. However, it still sucks. So, to turn this particular frown upside down, I'll try to focus on the fact that I am still down twenty two pounds since the first of the year.

I haven't had any job interviews in a while, and I feel like the recruiters I am working with just aren't cutting in. They talk a good game, but their results stink. I am so amazingly under motivated at my current job. There are two things that keep me from calling in "sick". First, there's the fact that I'd just have to do all of that day's work the next day. Then, there's the fact that I'm trying not to miss any time that I don't have to so that I don't feel guilty for the time I plan to miss going out on interviews.

I guess it's not too bad. Only those two things are really irking me.

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