Thursday, March 02, 2006

Solar delays

One of the things I check in the morning is the Route 3 traffic status. This morning's report amused me because the situation has happened a lot lately. I just love that the traffic site has qualified the phenomenon:

Rte. 3 South (NH Line to I-495)
Slow traffic between Exit 35: Rte. 113 and Exit 31: Rte. 110. Pockets of congestion. Solar delays.

I admit, having the sun suddenly in my eyes can make me slow down. However, I have gotten used to which parts of my journey will be impacted by this issue during which times of day. I usually make sure that my sun glasses are on and that my sun visor is in place.

I just have to assume that most other drivers are amateurs who can't remember things from day to day. I come to expect a sea of tail lights near the "solar delay impact zones".

Any way. I've delayed the start of yet another wretched day at my current job long enough. I hope the "delay" has lessened the impact of the "solar delays".

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briwei said...

Heh. Some people just don't know how to drive. Especially the ones on the road in my way.