Saturday, March 25, 2006

Serious Study Weekend

My interview with the hospital is on Wednesday. I plan to spend the better part of this weekend prepping for it. I have a lot of reading materials on HIPAA. And, I need to take some policies and procedures that I've written for my current job and transform them into a shareable format (ie., no protected information can be revealed).

Several people from the office have offered to write me letters of recommendation. And, while I'm nervous about this interview, many of my friends have been VERY supportive. Thanks, folks!

I also applied for another health-related IT job on Friday morning before leaving for work. The recruiter contacted me within the hour!!! I am hoping to snag an interview out of that one once the hiring manager has reviewed my resume. While it would be a great opportunity, I'm looking at it as a "backup job" to the hospital position.

Come on Karma Fairies, help me out here. Don't you think I'm due after 5.5 years in my current (withholding all the negative adjectives) job?

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