Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Rainy days make me smile

Mondays still suck, but I really love a rainy night (or a rainy day).

I was having a particularly loathsome day yesterday, and was sucked into doing work in the evening as well after an extremely annoying after hours call from my CEO. However, as I was crawling off to bed (nearly literally since I was exhausted) I heard the sound of thunder and rain pounding against the house. It made me smile. It also made me a little sad since I love to lay in bed and listen to the sounds of a storm. But, I knew that I would be unconscious within seconds of hitting the bed. And, I was.

So, this morning I got up and exercised (yeah me!). Did some more on my after hours work project, and hit the road for the office. It was still rainy and a little foggy. It was the kind of day that I love to enjoy from the comfort of my couch. I really do LOVE to sit at home alone in my sweats and enjoy a dreary day. I don't know what it is about rainy days that comfort and envelope me in a feeling of oneness with the universe.

After the extra hours that I've put in the last few days, my manager was surprised to see me in the office today. He thought I would have stayed home. Maybe I should have. But, I'm still devoted enough to my job and wedded to my professionalism that I wasn't the least bit inspired to declare a mental health day today.

Maybe it'll rain tomorrow too!

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