Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Better late than never? Part 2: The good

On the flip side of my last post are the current things that are making me smile.

B and I finally watched all the episodes of Firefly this weekend. We've been meaning to do that for months. What a great show! I feel like I need to write a personal appology to Joss Whedon for not supporting the show when it was originally on. I thought K would want to watch it with us since he was a big Angel and Buffy fan. He was initially not interested. However, I told him about some of the characters and plots, and now he's interested. I suspect he'll be absconding with the DVDs this weekend. We also have the movie, Serenity, which we'll probably watch Sunday night as a family.

To combat my guilt over the weight gain, I set the alarm for 30 minutes early this morning. And, I finally made my way down to my dingy unheated basement to commune with the exercise bike. I only rode for 20 minutes, but that was better than nothing. And, it felt pretty good. Hopefully, I can get back into the routine or riding a couple of mornings a week.

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