Saturday, March 18, 2006

No guts, no glory

I'm prepping for an interview with a hospital in 10 days. The postion would be in charge of data privacy and security for the entire hospital, including creation of policies and training staff. This is exactly the job I went back to school for. However, I thought I'd have to go to school for two more years to be qualified. I'm kind of stressing about it. But, no guts - no glory.

Trying to look at the interview as an opportunity to see what such a job would actually require. On the other hand, I REALLY want the job. On the other other hand, it might be frightening to actually get it and have to live up to that responsibility. Plus, I'm pretty sure that the salary is going to be pretty pathetic, and I can't take that big of a pay cut right now. The plan was to take the cut in two years. Then again, jobs like these don't grow on trees in my neck of the woods. (Oh, and it's less than ten minutes from my house.)


briwei said...

You will clearly be up to the task. And perhaps they'll even pay for the rest of your schooling. Don't worry about anything like pitiful pay or qualifications or trivial details like that. :) Your goal is to make them want you. Once you have done that, then you can worry about the details.

SZap said...

I second that.