Friday, October 26, 2007

Can't we just like women for the way they are?

In a new twist a beauty queen is being told to gain weight. Apparently, Miss England has been asked to put some pounds onto her size 4 frame to increase her curve-appeal. While part of me is glad that, for once, a woman is not being told to lose weight to be acceptable, I don't think I like this turn of events either.

Women should be accepted for who they are naturally. I realize that the cosmetic and fashion industries would cease to exist under such circumstances. However, isn't it more important to appreciate a person for who they are on the inside and to encourage self worth by accepting people for how they look naturally? No diets. No surgery. No obscenely high heels. No laser hair removal (like my office mate has been undergoing for the last year).

What a culture we have.


barbie2be said...

wait, what?

Kitten Herder said...

Barbie - was I really being obtuse?

The thing is, I'm just so tired of Hollywood and Madison Avenue dictating how women should look, and how women base a great deal of their self confidence based on how well they measure up to some ideal totally visual image. What you look like isn't who you are and should never measure your value.

Messages like "lose weight," "gain weight," "wear this or that," "zap the hair," or "change your boobs" all really torque me off. Especially since so many women seem to give themselves (as in THEIR SELVES) over to this nonsense.