Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What's in your movie theater?

During our weekend trip, we considered going out to a movie on Friday, and then on Saturday, night. We were too exhausted both days to bother. The film we both wanted to see the most probably wasn't available any more any way. It seems that the movies I am interested in seeing get short run limited releases (which means almost never do they come to NH). We usually go see the 'blockbuster' movies when they come out. And they are usually in the theaters for at least a month. Smaller films only seem to stay in the theaters for a week or two. If they are there for longer, the formula which determines the length of their run completely eludes me.

The film that we wanted to see, "Eastern Promises" with Viggo Mortensen, started off as a limited release, and then quickly vaporized after hitting more theaters. The critics gave it a "B", which isn't bad for a small film.

On the other hand, I reviewed the offerings of our local theaters and I am perplexed by some of the things that have had staying power: "Across the Universe" (huh?), "The Game Plan" (puhleez), "The Heartbreak Kid" (sorry Mr Stiller, better luck next time), "Sydney White" (Amanda Bynes is cute, but ...), "Dragon Wars" (LOL!), "I Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" (yes, still out in my area), "The Seeker" (???), and "Mr Woodcock".

It's kind of sad, in a way. There are a lot of small movies that are only released in LA and NY that I would see if they came to NH. I'd definitely opt for them over the crud I listed in the last paragraph. I'm waiting on Brad Pitt's Jesse James film to go for broader release. I like him, and I've always been interested in the Jesse James story. I wonder if it will even make it to NH. Babel didn't see an NH release until it made the Oscar nominations. Makes me feel like I might as well live in Canada's Northwest Territory instead of an hour outside of Boston.

I guess this is why DVD rentals were invented, huh?


Dad Stuff said...

We haven't been to a movie since we took the kids to Hairspray. Most of our cinematic choices involve animation or kids. I did get a decent nap during Shrek the Third though.

Anonymous said...

Netflix is the solution..."Heartbreak Kid" is a pass: remakes within a generation with romantic leads a decade-plus younger than the star insult what is left of the intelligent viewing public