Sunday, December 21, 2008

Angst and trepidation - delayed

Drat! The snow storm arrived earlier than anticipated. The roads were too crappy to drive 40 minutes in safely. So, I had to reschedule my "Genius Bar" appointment.

I did try to go. I figured that the big roads would be plowed. However, I called the Apple store first to see how the weather was down there. I told the young woman who answered the phone that I had an appointment in 50 minutes and that I wanted to know how the weather was there since I was coming from New Hampshire. She said, "It's pretty bad down here. So, do you think you'll be late?"

She was serious! So, without thinking I said, "Probably, since I haven't left my house yet." We discussed getting the bulky machine from my car into the store. Apparently they will come and get it from your car. This numbed my brain momentarily so I ended the call.

As I drove out of my neighborhood to our local Dunkin Donuts, I could see Daniel Webster Highway (a relatively well-traveled road). It was still snow covered and more snow was falling, albeit slowly. As I pulled onto DWH I realized that driving down to Massachusetts to get my CD drive replaced was a fools errand on such a day as this. So, I turned around and went back home.

I called the Apple store to tell them that the roads were too bad and that I would not be coming today. I spoke to the same young woman. She offered to reschedule my appointment. The next convenient and available appointment is next Saturday morning at 9 a.m.

Let's hope that it doesn't snow THEN!

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