Saturday, December 13, 2008

We were lucky (follow-up to the emergency)

While we had a minor power hiccup Thursday night, it was estimated that 90% of our town woke up without power on Friday morning. See: Merrimack hit hard by ice storm

We live on the Nashua/Merrimack town line. So, I guess that's why we lucked out. Today, I drove north into the main part of town on my way to Bedford. Most of the traffic lights were out between here and Bedford. I drove back at dusk. It was eerie how many homes and businesses along the main road were dark.

Oddly enough, on Friday night we called up the local Dominos and got no answer. We figured they were too busy to answer all their lines. However, I passed the store this afternoon. Black.

Authorities say it may be Monday or even Tuesday before all the power is restored. Wow! Who knew what a little bit of ice could do. I can't wait for the blizzards to start up!


Monkeys in Paris said...

What? No generator/uninterruptible power supply?

changejunkie said...

Glad you got through it with so little disruption. We were thinking about you.