Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Next medical chapter... me

While waiting for Goblin's surgery to complete on Monday, my left eyelid began to bother me. Over the course of the evening it got more sore and more inflamed. Apparently, I was developing a zit right on the edge of the eyelid. Yesterday, it not only hurt but began to itch. Over night, the goo sealed my eye shut. This morning, it's very swollen, sore, and somewhat itchy.

So, guess who's off to the doctor today?

P.S. Our schools are still closed as a result of last week's ice storm. And ... last night we got our first real snow (about 2 inches or so). Remember folks, Winter begins next week!


Cobwebs said...

Sounds like The Pinkeye. Been around any small children? (I've had it four times since Shadowboy started going to daycare.)

barbie2be said...

i think they call eye zits, stye's.

but, regardless of what they call them they hurt like the dickens!

Monkeys in Paris said...

Wow! I check out for a few days and the whole household collapses into medical mayhem! Glad the Gob is OK, and best of luck for a remedy for your eye. Maybe put a steak on it like in the cartoons. Reduces swelling, and when the steak is no longer cold, cook it! Mmmmm...steak!