Friday, December 12, 2008

State of emergency

We had a wicked ice storm late in the day yesterday. It knocked down trees and took out power. Hundreds of roads are closed. So, not only were most schools in the state closed, but Governor Lynch declared a state of emergency.

Early this morning, I was sitting at my computer when I heard a brief crashing sound, like someone slamming a large car door VERY hard. It was still dark outside, so I couldn't see anything unusual from my window. About an hour later, I was startled to see a firetruck pull up outside our house (we live on a court of townhouses). I looked out to see that a huge tree across the street had fallen onto several cars.

The firetruck couldn't help the car owners. Eventually, the guy who works for Service Master called some co-workers who came by with a chain saw and helped extricate these cars.

Uploaded a while later:

And, later still, the fate of the fallen tree:


changejunkie said...

Stay home, stay safe. Have hot chocolate or a warm cup of tea. Have the cat sit on your lap while you read a book.... Nature has a way of providing time-outs once in a while, whether you are ready for them or not

Summer said...

We had an awful ice storm here in 1991 and the devisation was widespread. We were without power for 11 days. While ice storms are beautiful when the sun comes out the destruction is bad. I hope you stayed warm inside and enjoyed the day off.