Saturday, December 27, 2008

A different kind of holiday spirit

One of my favorite things about this time of year is that I get to listen to Christmas music. I have over 50 CDs of the stuff. (Sad, but true.) Every year I pick up a few more. This year I picked up one electronically that is pretty awesome. The a capela Straight No Chaser's Holiday Spirits. Their version of Twelve Days of Christmas is totally awesome.

On the flip side. I got a fabulous holiday CD by goth musicians Nox Arcana. This video is just a shot of the album cover with the song The Carol of the Bells. One of the most intriguing versions of this Christmas classic that I have ever heard.

I already had an earlier CD by them, Dark Manor. However, Winters Knight so impressed me that I've downloaded FIVE other CDs by them. Each of their CDs is thematic. Here are the album covers of my not-quite-comprehensive Nox Arcana library:

Grimm TalesWinters KnightShadow of the Raven
Carnival of Lost SoulsTransylvaniaNecrominicon
Darklore Manor

While Christmas has been fun, I guess my gooey, sticky, warm, pulsing heart really does belong to Halloween.

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