Monday, December 15, 2008

A minor drama I've been holding my tongue about

So, I've kept quiet about this long enough.

Goblin is having exploratory surgery today. He was having some tummy trouble after Thanksgiving. He had several medical appointments and one of them turned up some enlarged lymph nodes in his abdomen. The blood screen for cancer came back negative. Also, he doesn't have a spleen, so any infection can lead to over-active lymph nodes. However, the surgeon he consulted with did not want to wait until after the holidays (which Goblin wanted to do since he has no leave left for this calendar year).

I'm sure this is all an exercise in medical CYA, that it's all traceable to his lack of a spleen and the fact that he's been fighting a recurring skin infection for the last couple of months. However, keep your fingers crossed for him any way.


Julie said...

Oh! Good luck to Goblin (and you too).

changejunkie said...

HUGS, and fingers crossed. Please keep us posted, and let us know if you need ANYTHING.

Cobwebs said...

Zoiks. I know how you matter how many times you tell yourself intellectually that things are okay, it's hard not to worry.

I'll send good vibes in your direction.

barbie2be said...

i hope everything comes out ok.

Summer said...

Sending good thoughts to Goblin and you. Think positive.