Sunday, December 21, 2008

The doldrums of television, sans a writers' strike

For the next four weeks, none of the shows that we like will be on. NONE!

Yes, I realize that television is considered by many to be a complete waste of time. Yes, there are plenty of other activities I could engage in. Why, during this dearth of programming I could find that I enjoy having more time to pursue other more positive activities.

Yeah, right. What I will actually end up doing is watching more movies and odd ball shows, courtesy of TiVo.

After work, my brain cannot handle anything other than non-participatory video-driven mush. I really enjoy vegging out for a couple of hours before bed. Does this make me a cretin? I don't think so.

I read. I try to keep up with major news issues. I have an intellectually challenging job. So, by the time 6:30 rolls around, I want to put my brain on 'stand by'.

Some of the shows that we watch are mediocre in quality. That's ok. My expectations are pretty low. Some aren't too bad. Here's the run down of shows I've been watching this year (including one that's coming back in late January):

  1. My own worst enemy

  2. Sanctuary

  3. Sarah Connor Chronicles

  4. Heroes

  5. Fringe

  6. True Blood

  7. Bizarre Foods me, not hubby

  8. One Tree Hill me, not hubby

  9. ER me, not hubby

  10. Ultimate Fighter Hubby only

  11. UFC Fight Night Hubby only

  12. Whale Wars Hubby only

  13. Lost coming in January

We're still waiting for our BBC SF shows to come back, some haven't even scheduled their next filmings (Torchwood, Dr Who, and Sarah Jane Adventures).

We were thinking of canceling HBO now that True Blood is over for the season. However, we'll probably wait until the end of January now since there's nothing much on otherwise that we would like.

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changejunkie said...

we signed up for hbo on demand just for true blood but we are still not done watching the last few episodes. I watch animal planet a lot, the food network, comedy central and football. I also watch the local nightly news. That's about it. Bill and Michael watch heroes, fringe, simpsons, futurama and whatever I am watching.