Sunday, December 14, 2008

This is a test of the emergency redundant emergency system

With the power still being out to large swaths of our town, the school board decided to cancel school for Monday. This is not a huge surprise. What was a huge surprise is the two different automated phone calls we got about it within the space of an hour.

Let's think about this. At least eighteen hours before schools are set to open, the town decides not to open schools the next day. Many town residents are without power. Many residents rely on electrically powered phone systems in their homes. Many residents aren't even in their homes because of the power situation. OK. Let's not rely on traditional radio, television, and newspapers to inform parents that there is no school tomorrow. Let's call them. Twice.

Maybe the kids can afford the day off from school tomorrow (after having Friday off). I think that the administration needs a day of education though, or at least some brain-boosting supplements.

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