Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Song viruses

My little red 16Gb iPod arrived today. You can only get the red ones directly from Apple. Also, when you buy an iPod from Apple's online store you get free engraving. I had my name put on mine along with "___'s private world and cure for song viruses".

What's a song virus? It's a tune that you can't get out of your head. Usually it's just a few bars. Often times it's put in your head by someone else humming or whistling a bit of a song that you are very familiar with.

Years ago, a beloved co-worker of mine (let's call him Monkey Pants) and I constantly tried to song virus each other. One of us would sneak up behind the other and sing a few lines from a very popular, and usually annoying, song. It usually worked very well. The recipient of the song virus was usually burdened by the tune until they could bludgeon it out of their head with another tune.

I think having an iPod handy might combat any unwanted song viruses. It's good to be prepared.


Cobwebs said...

The Germans call that a word that translates as "ear worm," which I think is nicely descriptive.

changejunkie said...

we call that an ear worm, here too!

Monkeys in Paris said...

"You make me feel...you make me feel...you make me feel like a natural woman...(woman!)"

barbie2be said...

yeah, we call that an ear worm too.