Sunday, August 26, 2007

Un-girly shoes

In my last post, I mentioned that I was shopping for shoes on Saturday without finding what I was looking for. My favorite shoes are sturdy and supportive slip-ons that have served me well. They aren't exactly stylish, but they blend in with my wardrobe rather well. The poor things are about to give out (splits in the sides of the leather). So, I toddled off to another shopping center today to try again. Sadly, I was unable to find another pair of sturdy slip-ons. But, I did find a pair of serviceable tie-ups. These are not quite as nice looking as the shoes they are replacing. However, they are much more supportive. Do note the color of my socks:

My husband approved of my selection, though he did not join me on today's trip. On the other hand, Boose approved of the box that the shoes came in.

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briwei said...

Giv bak my litr box or u will face my rath!